ADP TotalSource

What is ADP TotalSource?

Automatic Data Processing, Inc., is a public company, founded in 1949 by Henry Taub. It is located in Paterson, New Jersey, U.S. The headquarter is situated at Roseland, New Jersey, the U.S. It provides management software and services. More than 50,000 employees work under the company, as mentioned above. 

ADP Finance 

The net income of ADP(company) is US$ 1.62 billion. US$ 37.09 billion is present as a total asset. 

According to the record on March 23, 2007, ADP distributed one share of Broadridge common stock held by shares of ADP common stock held by shareholders. ADP also transferred USD 2 billion from ADP’s total annual revenue to Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. 

ADP TotalSource Reviews

ADP Totalsource is an IRS-certified professional employer organization (PEO). The TotalSource shows how a company’s HR performs. Besides, it can track real-time and benchmark. 

There are several reasons why ADP Totalsource is partnered :

  • First, the software gives a simple interface. It is convenient to use and simplifies the task. 
  • This software is travel friendly, as it can be accessed worldwide. Hence, if you are traveling, no matter how remote it is,  you are going to receive precisely the same information as one gets in his office. 
  • Professional software guarantees security against many risks online. 

One can expect to pay between $120 and $240 per month per employee,  as estimated by PEO and other members of the company. 

ADP provides useful and efficient software. The coding makes the software easy-to-use. Also, along with that, HR,  Payroll, and other important information are available at a single touch. In short, it simplifies day to day tasks. Above all, the most blissful fact is that the software can also be accessed from any remote place. Thus, the management software from My ADP adds more pros. 

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