How to Login to ADP Portal Globallogic

How to Login to ADP Portal Globallogic

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. is one of the global business services providers. It is located in Paterson, New Jersey, U.S., and the headquarter is situated at Roseland, New Jersey, the U.S. The company was founded by  Henry Taub, in 1949.ADP provides payroll services to business clients. The portal is beneficial for business clients for efficient work and managing several tasks. 

ADP keeps in touch with employees through web technology. ADP has a grounded base to work with. ADP employees earn approximately $55,000 yearly. They pay around $8,870 as an annual bonus. 

ADP works on the cloud-based information. Here HR functions can be managed easily. 

Steps to Register ADP Portal Globallogic

  1. Visit the ADP website:
  2. Click the ‘Register Here’ link. 
  3. Enter your registration code at the create your account. 
  4. Click NEXT. 
  5. Click YES, which appears on the next page. 
  6. Now fill the information asked. That may be named, Date of Birth, captcha, and SSN.  Submit the report by clicking NEXT. 
  7. A few random questions may be asked generated from public records. Under specific time, answer some real problems. You have to click the NEXT button to start. 
  8. After verifying your identity, you have to enter your contact information. 
  9. You will be asked to create a user ID along with a password. Click the CHECK AVAILABILITY button to verify. 
  10. Complete the security Questions. 
  11. You must be registered successfully until now. 
  12. Follow the steps of login for the rest of the process. 

Steps to Login ADP Portal Globallogic

  1. You must activate the registration code. The code from payroll is necessary to enable registration. 
  2. Simply follow the steps of registration, after selecting First Time Users Register.  Submit your code, user ID, and password. 
  3. Now you have successfully logged in. 

Login not working?

  1. Check your network connection. 
  2. Clear all active browsers and try to login again. 
  3. As the passwords are case sensitive, check the spelling and spacing. 
  4. Clear your cache or browser history. 

Forgot Username?

  1. Select ‘Forgot my username.’ 
  2. Answer a series of security questions.
  3. Your username will be displayed, and you can be used to log in.

Forgot Password? 

  1. Select ‘Forgot my password.’ 
  2. To reset your password, answer the security question. 
  3.  Your new password is ready to use for my ADP portal.

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